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Community Employment Program 

Job Development, Job Coaching, Learn to Drive Program, Careers with Peers

Community Employment is the preferred path for working-age adults with developmental disabilities, and individuals should have the opportunity to explore career options and seek jobs that fit their skills and interests.

The Community Employment Program works to assist individuals with building independence in the work place.  Services and supports are put into place to assist individuals with obtaining employment, learning the duties of a new job and employer expectations, and to assist the individuals with developing independence in the work place.  There are many different services and supports that can be provided depending on the need of the person seeking services.  This program also partners with other agencies to assist with greater independence for enrolled individuals.  For example, the Community Employment Program partners with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities throughout the employment process and with Capabilities Inc., to assist individuals with obtaining a driver’s license.  The Community Employment Program works with each person to follow his/her individual path to community employment. 

The Community Employment Program facilitates the Careers with Peers Council.  This is a professional networking group for enrolled individuals who are career-focused.  Members of this council are either employed in the community, seeking employment, interested in learning more about employment or students who plan to work after high school.  For more information regarding Community Employment Services, please contact the Employment Manager at (513) 228-6441.

Transition Program 

Transition Coordination, Work Training Opportunities, Community Life Skills Class, Job Class, SALTS

All students who participate in the Transition Program must be deemed eligible for Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities services.  Participation in the Transition program is decided in conjunction with the student’s school education team.

The Transition Program is designed to provide the training and resources needed to ensure a successful transition for students ages 14-22 as they go from school to adulthood.  The Transition Program partners with students, families, school districts within Warren County, employers, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, as well as other Agencies to help prepare students for what is to come.  The Transition and Community Employment Programs work very closely to create opportunities for enrolled individuals.  For more details regarding this program, please contact the Transition Manager at (513) 228-6441.

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