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The Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides services and support to people who live in Warren County, have a developmental disability, and are deemed eligible to receive our supports. A developmental disability affects a person’s development and lasts their entire life. Developmental disabilities can be intellectual, physical, or both.

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To determine if a family member is eligible for services, you can contact Jessica Haddix, our Intake/Information & Referral Specialist at

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You can also contact Amy Spencer, our Intake/Information & Referral Specialist at

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What We Can Provide:

Our Intake/Information & Referral Specialists will determine, according to Ohio state rules, if your family member has limitations in several life skill areas, depending upon age. These include areas of mobility, communication, learning, self-care, self-direction, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.

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Who Qualifies

A person who qualifies for services; has a disability that began before their 22nd birthday, has a lifelong disability, and is eligible for services based on Ohio’s Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) rules.

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Decision Making

Once a person becomes eligible to receive services from the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities, they are assigned to a Service and Support Administrator (SSA). Our SSA Department is committed to supporting and empowering individuals who use our DD services so that they may make informed decisions for themselves.

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Getting Connected

SSAs connect people to services in the community as well as within the agency. The SSA helps an individual with disabilities create a life plan with assistance from the person’s family and other people in his/her life. They get to know the individuals and families, and they help them identify their dreams for their future. They assess needs and develop person-centered plans for individuals. Person-centered plans help individuals achieve the kind of life they want. This approach to providing services is based on the individual’s choices, preferences, strengths and dreams. The planning includes the individual, family members and any other person the individual chooses to be part of his/her team. This is not just a one-time meeting, it is an on-going process.

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Support Information

Supports may include eligibility and referral, linkage to housing, and training opportunities including employment and day program options within the community, as well as positive behavior supports.

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Working With an SSA

Individuals who receive services paid for with waivers are required to work with an SSA. If an individual receives services not paid for with a waiver, they may choose whether or not they would like to work with an SSA.