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Service and Support

The Service and Support Administration Division provides Service Coordination services once a person has been determined to be in need of this support. The Service Coordinator will work with the person and/or family to assure various services and supports are available and responsive to the preference and needs of the persons served.

Service Coordinators are the primary point of coordination, which includes:

  • Coordinating services and connecting people to individualized supports, whether they are provided by Warren County Board of Development Disabilities or a private service provider.
  • Coordinating needs assessments to find out what is important to the person and what is working and not working in her/her life.
  • Developing an Individual Service Plan using person-centered planning that outlines what is important and connects the person to the provider of choice.
  • Connecting people to the community resources they need to be successful.
  • Exploring available funding resources and developing a budget for the services based on the person's assessed needs and the preferred way for meeting those needs to purchase the approved services in the Individual Service Plan.
  • Providing ongoing monitoring to ensure that services and supports are being delivered as outlined in the Individual Service Plan and to the benefit and satisfaction of the person.
  • Assist the individual to select a qualified service provider.
  • Crisis Intervention to provide necesary emergency services to eligible people and their families on a 24-hour basis.

Contact Information

A Service Coordinator is a great point of contact should you or your family need assistance or have questions. Contact our Service and Support Administration Division office at 513-228-6447

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Agency Crisis Intervention

The Service and Support Administration Division personnel are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year to respond to emergency situations regarding individuals served as well as fulfilling County Board of DD mandate for having agency personnel available to receive Unusual and Major Unusual Incidents Reports 24 hours per day. The Hotline number is 1-800-800-6847.