Services for Adults


Eligibility and Information

Agency Eligibility:
For any Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ service, an individual must reside in Warren County and be deemed eligible. The  Intake Specialists in the Support Services  Division assess individuals requesting services to  determine eligibility.  Eligibility for services is a two-step process. An individual must have a qualifying diagnosis with the onset of the disability occurring prior to the age of 22 and then they must be assessed to display three or more substantial functional limitations on the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument.
To Determine Eligibility:

Jessica Haddix, Intake Specialist 513-518-5323

Amy Spencer, Intake Specialist 513-806-3780

Information and Referral:
Information and Referral is designed to provide information and support regarding services available to the people served by Warren County Board of Developmental
Disabilities. This service is available for individuals who meet eligibility requirements and are not receiving other services through the county board. Ongoing information and resources will be shared with families.
Direct contact is made at least one time per year to ensure you know who to reach should you be in need of assistance.

For more information, contact:

Krista Dell’Aria
Service / Information and Referral / Waiting List Coordinator 513-806-3774

Family Supports:
The Family Supports program was developed to provide support to families who are caring for a family member in their home. The goal is to relieve some of the
emotional and financial strains experienced by families, and to enhance harmony within the family unit. There are no income
guidelines to participate , however, the individual may not be enrolled on a Medicaid Waiver. Assistance may be provided in covering some cost of therapy, adaptive equipment,
camp, respite, disposable items (after age 3) and special diet needs.
• The maximum cap for an eligible family with one eligible family member with a developmental disability is $2,500.00.
• The maximum cap for a family having more than one “eligible” family member with a
developmental disability is $4,000.00.
• Examples of services provided by Family Supports include, but are not limited to:
• Medical supplies
• Adaptive equipment
• Home modifications
• Feeding equipment and supplies for
individuals with special diets (after age three)
• Respite care
• Camp

For more information, contact:

Katrina Steele, Family Supports Coordinator 513-228-6432

Transition Services
(Age 14-22)
Students eligible for Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities services are able to participate in transition services. The program is designed to help students transition from
school to the adult world.The transition process is a team approach, which is developed around the needs of the
individual student. The program partners with the local schools and other agencies to develop and implement appropriate programming.
Transition Coordinators create individualized plans for each student. They will assess and refer to available programs in addition to
coordinating and monitoring services. During the time spent in this program, students will work on social skills, employment skills, public safety, self-advocacy, critical thinking
skills, decision making, and activities of daily living. The goal is to ensure students are gaining skills to leave school confidently.
By helping to develop skills through programming and real life experiences, the students will gain more independence.

For more information, contact:

Brittany Conner, Transition Manager 513-228-6469

Service and Support Administration
(Service Coordination)
Service Coordinators assure various services and supports are available and are responsive to the
preferences and needs of persons served. They also promote independence, choice, and community
integration. The Service Coordinator serves as a
resource and partner for the person served, the family of the person served, and others who are significant in the person's life. The Service Coordinator assures that all service providers work together to implement the
service plan. This person also monitors services and ensures that the health and safety needs of the
individual served are met.
A Service Coordinator is assigned to be on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to emergency situations and can be reached by calling 1-800-800-6847.

For more information, contact:
Tony Hidy, SSA Director 513-228-6433

Community Employment
Community Employment is the preferred path for working-age adults with developmental
disabilities, and all individuals should have the opportunity to explore career options and seek jobs that fit their skills and interests. The
Transition and Community Employment
programs are designed to work together to help
individuals meet their fullest potential in terms of employment.
The Community Employment staff assist adults with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain employment as direct hires into the
community. Staff members work in roles as Job Coaches to help individuals be successful in jobs, and Job Developers work with businesses to find out their staffing needs.
Together the Transition and Community Employment programs focus on developing relationships with various businesses and community organizations in order to enhance employment opportunities for all of the
individuals served. Other programs offered by Community Employment
include a Driving Program, Careers with Peers, Dress for Success, and a financial grant program to assist
individuals with the purchase of a personal vehicle.

For more information, contact:
Angela Dean, Community Employment Manager 513-228-6481